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Qi Dynamics & Deepening Skills

Saturday 4th – Sunday 5th April 2020

9.00am - 5.00pm

Pacific Rim College
229-560 Johnson Street (Market Square)
Victoria BC
Canada V8W 3C6

For Acupuncturists: 14 CEUs

Two day live practical workshop cultivating the creative flow of the hand and the needle.

This two day practical workshop for both new and experienced practitioners of acupuncture and Tui na is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience of Qi Dynamics. To empower and deepen your practical Tui na/An Mo and needling skills and to cultivate the creative flow of the hand and the needle in your practice. As part of our skill development, we will also go through the theoretical and practical application of cupping, gua sha and rice grain moxa.

In my experience, I’ve found that for most students, skills and knowledge move deeper when felt and embodied, so this workshop will be very practical and experiential!

As practitioners, we can spend a lot of time ‘doing’ to others and also worrying that we are not ‘doing enough’. I would like to remind and inspire you to rediscover the power of presence, and the potential of the connection created in the relationship between us, the Dao and the individual we are working with.

Over the two days we will learn Qi Gong specific to practitioners. These exercises enable the development of Qi and sensitivity in our hands. We will then apply this practically - working together in pairs (in real time with me) on the body, using our hands and needles.

During this two day live practical workshop for acupuncturists, you will :

  • Practise Qi Gong to develop Qi sensitivity, and learn how this extends to the hands-on application of Tui na and acupuncture
  • Learn ways of enabling Qi to flow more easily, using body positioning, posture, breath, and the use of clear, relaxed intention
  • Work with Qi Dynamics, for example how to open what is closed, contain what is scattered, descend what is risen, collect and gather what is empty, and unwind what is bound
  • Develop and deepen the application of the fundamental Tui na techniques
  • Experience how An fa (pressing) is at the root of all the other techniques
  • Work with Rou fa (kneading), Na fa (grasping), Yi Zhi Chan Tui fa (single finger meditation pushing technique), and Zhen fa (vibrating). Feel how these extend from An fa and how our needling techniques developed from these
  • Discuss and practise needling techniques such as ‘cooling sky’, ‘burning mountain’, ‘vibrating needle’ and ‘wind needling’
  • Work with Tui fa (pushing), the underestimated technique - for guiding and directing the flow of Qi
  • Discuss and feel the therapeutic qualities of our Tui na and needling techniques and which techniques are best used to access the various levels of Qi (Wei, Ying, Yuan)
  • Introduce and/develop Gun fa (rolling technique) – be reminded of its therapeutic qualities, and why persevere!
  • Explore how to combine the flow of the hand and the needle creatively in practice
  • Discuss and practise different methods of cupping, gua sha and rice grain moxa

Qi Dynamics & Deepening Skills

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Student Feedback

'Her dynamic, engaging and clear teaching style brings the information to life in a way completely unique way. In two days with Sarah I learnt innumerable concepts and techniques that I had never been introduced to before, and some of the simplest things that I learned completely changed the way I approached treatments. These are techniques that you can implement immediately after the course to start to see their clinical effects. My understanding of foundational concepts of Chinese medicine were broadened and deepened, and Sarah's compelling communication style will keep these lectures alive in my mind for years to come. I appreciated being able to follow along with Sarah while she led us through various treatment protocols consisting of tui na, gua sha, moxibustion, and acupuncture. I absolutely look forward to attending future workshops with Sarah!'
Kylie Rodger, Victoria, BC, 2018 Student

'After attending my first seminar with Sarah Pritchard, both my clinical efficacy and understanding of the energetics of Chinese medicine and acupuncture were deepened many folds. Since then, I have attended two more seminars with her and I continue to be inspired by the way Sarah intertwines Tuina, acupuncture, moxibustion, QiGong and other branches of Chinese medicine. She is dynamic, energetic, inspiring, humble and most of all extremely eager to teach and share her knowledge. I look forward to many more classes with her in the future.'
Armin M. 2018 Student

'I wanted to express my gratitude for your wisdom and enthusiasm in this medicine we are all so passionate about. This was the missing link I had in my education and where I want my practice to go and how I want to heal my patients. I now have a level of confidence that I need to move forward in my educational career at PRC and with my growing clientele in my business.'
2018 Student