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Supporting Women Through the Menopause as a Fundamental Doorway of Life
An integrated approach using Tui na, Acupuncture & Moxa

Saturday 25th - Sunday 26th April 2020

4014 Macleod Trail SE #107
Calgary AB T2G 2R7

For Acupuncturists: 14 CEUs

Still somewhat a taboo subject, the menopause is a powerful rite of passage for women and holds the potential for profound spiritual development.

As practitioners, how can we best support and enable women to have a positive experience into and through the menopause as a fundamental doorway of life? How can we provide the nurturing space for women to feel, process, surrender, and reclaim their power?

In this two day practical workshop for acupuncturists, we will :

  • Explore the role of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians, with a special focus on the Wei Mai vessels, the vessels of ageing which represent the 7 & 8 year cycles of time
  • Learn a simple and effective Yin style Tui na routine for nourishing, calming, centring and slowing Qi down to support the Yuan Qi, Nourish Kidneys and calm the Shen
  • Learn a powerful routine for working on the Yin Wei Mai; experience this deep vessel tangibly in your body and bring it to life in your hands
  • Experience alternative methods for accessing Qi and stimulating points
  • Improve your needling techniques and sensitivity and bring greater connection and presence to your needling
  • Improve palpation skills, bodywork confidence and be reminded of the power of therapeutic touch

Supporting Women through the Menopause as a Fundamental Doorway of Life

$365 CAD early bird price until 14th February 2020
$385 CAD thereafter

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Student Feedback

'Thank you so much for a fantastic course as always, sharing your radiant Qi and for these notes!'
2018 Student

'I really enjoyed this course. It was brilliant, as usual you set my grey matter off so I get home, the books come out again when I should be desperately finishing off my tax return! Three menopausal patients have floated off down the road very happy this week so they thank you too.'
2018 Student

'Wow, that is my gut feeling from the weekend.  I feel inspired, rejuvenated and excited to use what I learned in my work. Several Ah-Ha moments brought me back to the basics of our craft and helped me re-connect the long-forgotten dots. Sarah, your delivery of knowledge is so dynamic and unassuming, I was captured and focused every single moment.'
2018 Student