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Doorways to the treatment of Pain – Exploring the spiritual & emotional roots

Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th March 2020

9.00am - 5.00pm

Pacific Rim College
229-560 Johnson Street (Market Square)
Victoria BC
Canada V8W 3C6

For Acupuncturists: 14 CEUs

In this two day workshop for acupuncturists we will explore the emotional, spiritual and constitutional causes of pain and hands on practical approaches for treatment in clinic.

We are Spirit incarnate on a journey of Soul growth and creative expression. We have set ourselves a curriculum that will challenge us and activate our potential through the events and relationships that we encounter throughout our lives.

When our Qi is abundant, expressed and flowing freely then we are living in harmony with the Dao and all is well. Our Yang/Wei Qi meets the world, and is able to flow with the events, encounters and challenges that meet us, or that we create for spiritual growth. It is only when our Qi is obstructed that we begin to feel pain. Bi - painful obstruction syndrome!

I would like to take you on a journey of exploration through the channel sinews Jin Jing as conduits of Wei Qi and the instinctive unconscious, through the metaphors expressed as PFs (Wind, Damp, Cold and Heat) and through the roles of our constitution and guardian elements.

I hope to inspire you to look beyond the surface to the root of a patient’s pain and to create doorways for potential transformation. I would like to encourage you to integrate your hands, with needles, moxa, gua sha and cupping to disperse what is congested, open what is closed, unwind what is bound, support what is empty. And to enable what is unconscious to move towards expression and out of pain.

I’d also like to encourage you to develop your Yin style Tui na, which combines beautifully with acupuncture; needles can be retained while your hands are soothing, guiding and spreading the Qi. I find it hugely important in practice with any chronic pain whether physical/emotional or both. So many people are living overextended lives creating a vicious circle of adrenal response which ultimately leads to pain. The Yin approach helps to nourish the root and settle this adrenal response, harmonising Fire and Water. The gentle focus of Shen and presence enables us to soothe, support, nourish and ground our patients. It is in my experience fundamental to providing the opportunity for change, healing and liberation.

During this two day practical workshop, you will :

  • Acquire simple and effective ideas for integrating Tui na, acupuncture, moxibustion, gua sha and cupping for the treatment of pain
  • Explore how emotions can interfere with the natural movement of Qi and learn methods for redirecting its flow. How to unwind, descend, open, disperse/spread, contain/centre, gather/fill
  • Learn effective Tui na methods incorporating moxa, gua sha and acupuncture to open the chest and diaphragm (Blood Mansion) to release obstructed emotion, and to engage the breath/Qi to flow
  • Explore the PFs as metaphors in our lives. Wind as change, Damp as suppression, Cold as freezing/stopping/blocking, Heat as obstructed Wei Qi
  • Learn methods for working with Bi Syndrome - how to Expel Wind, dry and resolve Dampness, scatter Cold and warm Yang, move obstructed Wei Qi and Blood
  • Be introduced to the journey of the channel sinews, Jin Jing as conduits of Wei Qi. How our unconscious responses to the experiences of life shape their development, how we meet the world, what we hold on to and how potentially we develop pain
  • Work with the key elements of the channel sinews (opening the Governing Vessel and Jing Well points, unwinding the sinews, releasing bindings and Guos, Hui meeting areas and terminations in the face)
  • Work with Yin style Tui na for the treatment of chronic pain e.g. fibromyalgia
  • Be reminded of the importance of Gun fa as a fundamental Tui na technique in the treatment of pain
  • Improve palpation skills, bodywork confidence and experience the importance of therapeutic touch
  • Improve your needling techniques and sensitivity

Note: This workshop can be taught in 2 days for experienced practitioners, or ideally 4 days for a mixed group.

Doorways to the treatment of Pain
Exploring the spiritual & emotional roots
An integrated approach using Tui na, Acupuncture and ancillaries

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Student Feedback

'Her dynamic, engaging and clear teaching style brings the information to life in a way completely unique way. In two days with Sarah I learnt innumerable concepts and techniques that I had never been introduced to before, and some of the simplest things that I learned completely changed the way I approached treatments. These are techniques that you can implement immediately after the course to start to see their clinical effects. My understanding of foundational concepts of Chinese medicine were broadened and deepened, and Sarah's compelling communication style will keep these lectures alive in my mind for years to come. I appreciated being able to follow along with Sarah while she led us through various treatment protocols consisting of tui na, gua sha, moxibustion, and acupuncture. I absolutely look forward to attending future workshops with Sarah!'
Kylie Rodger, Victoria, BC, 2018 Student

'After attending my first seminar with Sarah Pritchard, both my clinical efficacy and understanding of the energetics of Chinese medicine and acupuncture were deepened many folds. Since then, I have attended two more seminars with her and I continue to be inspired by the way Sarah intertwines Tuina, acupuncture, moxibustion, QiGong and other branches of Chinese medicine. She is dynamic, energetic, inspiring, humble and most of all extremely eager to teach and share her knowledge. I look forward to many more classes with her in the future.'
Armin M. 2018 Student

'I wanted to express my gratitude for your wisdom and enthusiasm in this medicine we are all so passionate about. This was the missing link I had in my education and where I want my practice to go and how I want to heal my patients. I now have a level of confidence that I need to move forward in my educational career at PRC and with my growing clientele in my business.'
2018 Student