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Advanced Tui na – The Complete Online Program for Acupuncturists – LIVE Component

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd May 2020

9.00am - 5.00pm

Pacific Rim College
229-560 Johnson Street (Market Square)
Victoria BC
Canada V8W 3C6

Exclusively for students of the Online Program.

LIVE in-person 2 day practical component specifically and exclusively for students of the Online Program.

This is an opportunity to be guided in-person, to deepen your practical skills and to feel the tangible effects of this work within your own body. You will work together (in real time with Sarah) on one another, both giving and receiving treatment. This is a rare opportunity for in-person mentoring, practise and assessment to take your skills to an even higher level.

During the two days you will :

  • Have the opportunity to FEEL Sarah & Isabel’s Tui na techniques and receive feedback to refine, deepen and advance your skills
  • Work with the root techniques in flowing sequence in real time with Sarah
  • Practise Qi Gong to develop Qi sensitivity and good techniques
  • Work with the root techniques in flowing sequence in real time with Sarah
  • Practise the ‘tricky techniques’ - Gun fa, Yi Zhi Chan Tui fa & Zhen fa with feedback & guidance
  • Explore the therapeutic qualities of the techniques and how they affect the three levels of Qi (Wei, Ying, Yuan Qi)
  • Develop your Yin style Tui na – feel the nourishing, calming, centring effects of this powerful work in your own body. Key to the treatment of chronic disease
  • Work with the principles of Qi dynamics, such as opening, clearing, dredging channels and guiding Qi to flow smoothly
  • Practise and feel the Guo/Ah shi ‘fruit squashing’ sequence - key to working with MSK pain
  • Develop your ability to Feel, Find and Follow - trusting your hands and intuition
  • There will be continual assessment and guidance through observation from Sarah and Isabel

Advanced Tui na
The Complete Online Program for Acupuncturists - LIVE Component

LAUNCH SALE - 1 week only!

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Student Feedback

'I absolutely loved this course! I found it full of information that I’ve been incorporating into my practice daily and also very inspiring. The handouts were great. Very succinct and easy to refer back to. The teachers were incredible. Very knowledgeable but also incredibly nice and open to any questions. Altogether I would highly recommend it to anyone!'
2017 Student

'I thoroughly enjoyed your course. I have already incorporated the tui na over the past 2 days and my clients love it! Your way of teaching works for me. I love the fact that we as students have so much hands on. Theory is great, however, my mind retains and learns more when I am actively incorporating the technique as the reasons for it are being explained. Loved it. The notes are concise and complete.'
2018 Student

'I truly enjoyed Sarah’s workshop on Tui na & Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems & Fertility Issues. Sarah is an excellent instructor and is extremely knowledgeable & approachable. She explained the course material in an easy to follow manner & provided lots of
demonstration. The workshop included invaluable hands-on experience to practice tuina & moxa techniques and I was able to apply the information learned in my clinic setting right away. I highly recommend Sarah Pritchard’s workshops and look forward to attending more in the future!'
2017 Student

'She was so amazing and it’s one of the best courses I’ve ever taken!! I absolutely loved her and Isabel, they did such an incredible job.  I would take more of her courses in a heart beat!!'
2018 student

'I just wanted to let you know this course was amazing and I look forward to studying under you again in the near future! I have already started incorporating what we learned into my practice. I’ve always strayed away from too much hands on because I lacked confidence in my techniques but I feel so much more confident after this weekend. Thank you again for and amazing weekend. You are truly an inspiring instructor!'
2018 Student

'Thanks again for a wonderful weekend! As a student at the beginning of my journey it was so great to see tuina from your perspective. I really loved the way you gave visuals or things to think about while doing the techniques. I thought I was still able to give effective pressure but it didn't feel so harsh.

It also brought to my attention small things that of course I know, but don't really think about like the needle being an extension of the hand. Just small reminders like this made me so much more aware of what my fingers or hands were trying to accomplish. Subtle reminders like that really changed the way I was thinking. 

I would definitely recommend it to others. It was a great experience not only working on the hand work, but also being on the receiving end so you know what your clients might be feeling. It was a lovely weekend learning from you!'
2018 Student

'Thank you so much for a great weekend course! I really enjoyed how hands on you made the course, and how comfortable and easy you all made it to work on each other. I already have used it a few times in clinic which is amazing. I find it quite enjoyable and have noticed a LOT of energy exchange which has been very powerful! It has led me to use my intuition a bit more and read people’s energy rather than always 'by the book'. Because honestly, no patient is ever by the book. It has eliminated some of the confusion and doubt on diagnosis and instead use more of my senses to treat. Thank you for that.'
2018 Student