Supporting Earth & Nourishing Digestion
An integrated approach using Tui na, Acupuncture & Moxa

Friday 11th - Saturday 12th October 2019

Mitland Hotel Utrecht
Ariënslaan 1
3573 PT Utrecht

For Acupuncturists: 14 CEUs

The health and harmony of the Spleen and Stomach are fundamental to our well-being. The Earth element represents the grounded centre, the embracing, encompassing and nourishing mother. It generates thought, Qi and Blood, it transforms and transports, ascends and descends. We could easily argue that in our 21st Century Western lives the Earth element is the most important element to address.

Of course, this is nothing new, Li Dong Yuan (1180 -1251) developed the Earth School of thinking. He believed that the cause of most disease was a weakened Spleen and Stomach caused by poor diet, over work and repressed emotion.

Taxation of Spleen Qi and the resulting stagnation from holding and storing are at the root of the now so common inflammatory bowel conditions we see in clinic such as IBS, Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease.

The question is, are we generating the thoughts, feelings and life style that will support us on our journey to discover who we are by nature and express that fully in the world? Or are we generating circular loops of thought and behaviour that block us, creating density and accumulation? What we cannot transform and transport we will hold and store, most commonly in our intestines and in the Dai Mai, the vessel of latency.

Our exploration for this two days will be how do we as practitioners support those who come to us for help with digestive issues, with the stress of life, the overthinking and the repression of emotion? How do we best provide nourishment and clear what is held, accumulated and stagnant?

Another important question is how do we as practitioners look after our Earth when our eyes are turned outwards to the needs of others?

In this two day practical workshop for acupuncturists, we will :

  • Learn and practice the key Storing Qi and Developing Sensitivity exercises and the 6 Sounds Qi Gong practice, with an emphasis on the sound for Earth. We will explore the application of these systems for both self-healing and application in treatment
  • Discuss the role and importance of the Earth element in our lives and in practice, digestion as a metaphor, and the relationship between ‘pre-heaven’ our nature and potential and ‘post-heaven what we are ‘fed’ from birth by our parents, culture, society, media etc.
  • Discuss and explore the relationship between the Spleen, the Chong Mai, Ren Mai and Dai Mai
  • Explore ideas and practical methods for creating flowing and satisfying treatments in clinic integrating our skills of acupuncture, Tui na, moxa and ancillary therapies in the treatment of common digestive complaints
  • Learn and experience tangible hands on Tui na routines for nourishing the Earth element, harmonising the digestion and regulating ascending & descending
  • Learn simple, practical Tui na, moxa and acupuncture combinations to help in the treatment of common digestive complaints such as constipation, reflux and chronic inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS, Crohn’s disease and Colitis
  • Experience alternative methods for accessing Qi and stimulating points
  • Develop and practise your Tui na skills, including Gun fa (rolling technique)
  • Improve your needling techniques and sensitivity and bring greater connection and presence to your needling
  • Improve palpation skills, bodywork confidence and be reminded of the power of therapeutic touch

Supporting Earth & Nourishing Digestion

€300 Euro

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Student Feedback

'The workshop included invaluable hands-on experience to practice tuina & moxa techniques and I was able to apply the information learned in my clinic setting right away. I highly recommend Sarah Pritchard’s workshops and look forward to attending more in the future!'

'As a student at the beginning of my journey it was so great to see tuina from your perspective. I really loved the way you gave visuals or things to think about while doing the techniques. It was a great experience not only working on the hand work, but also being on the receiving end so you know what your clients might be feeling. It was a lovely weekend learning from you!'

'Thank you so much for a great weekend course! I really enjoyed how hands on you made the course, and how comfortable and easy you all made it to work on each other. I already have used it a few times in clinic which is amazing.'