Sarah Pritchard

One of the first westerners to practice Tui na in the UK, Sarah is known as an inspiring teacher and workshop leader who shares her knowledge in an engaging and empowering way. She enjoys teaching students and practitioners how to integrate their Tui na, acupuncture and moxa skills in creative, flowing and intuitive ways.

Sarah is the author of two Tui na books: ‘Chinese Massage Manual’ and ‘Tui na - A Manual Of Chinese Massage Therapy’ published by Singing Dragon. Both books are used as essential texts on Tui na training courses in the UK, Europe and the USA.

My approach to teaching

My aim is to inspire, empower and instil confidence, to help students deepen their practical skills and for them to feel the dynamics of Qi moving within their own bodies. My courses are very practical and experiential. Over the years of my teaching journey, I’ve found that for many practitioners and students, both practical skills and knowledge move deeper when felt and embodied.

My approach is to choose an area of interest as a doorway to explore the theory, metaphors and underlying philosophy of this beautiful medicine. Then to bring this into our own bodies through Qi Gong, meditation and self-massage. From here we can apply this practically - working together (in real time with me) on one another, both giving and receiving treatment. In my opinion experiencing our own Qi being affected in receiving treatment is as important (if not even more so) than learning how to ‘do’ the technique well.

I also want to encourage what is innate and often under-valued – the intuition and realm of feeling. I want to enable the student to step out of their own way, to become like water, to connect to the Dao and become the conduit that allows change to happen. The work is ever evolving as we all evolve.

My teaching journey so far

I’ve been teaching in the world of the healing arts since the mid-nineties. Qi gong classes and Reiki workshops came first. In 2000 I wrote the Tui na course for the London College of Traditional Acupuncture (LCTA). This course was based on my book ‘Chinese Massage Manual’ published originally in 1997. I developed and taught the course at LCTA for 10 years until the college sadly closed.

My second book ‘Tui na – a Manual of Chinese Massage Therapy’ was published in 2010 and when City College of Acupuncture was formed in 2012, I was able to refine and develop the Tui na course that we now run there.

At my centre in London I run what are for me, very precious ongoing Tui na development courses for students in the UK who have trained with me over the years. Here I experiment, we explore and we all learn and deepen the work of this elegant medicine.

I teach continuing education courses live and online for practitioners of Acupuncture, Tui na and Chinese Medicine both in the UK and abroad. I enjoy teaching practitioners and students how to deepen and integrate their skills and use their hands, needles, moxa, cupping, and gua sha in creative, flowing and intuitive ways.

Sarah Pritchard, Cornwall, 2019

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