'After attending my first seminar with Sarah Pritchard, both my clinical efficacy and understanding of the energetics of Chinese medicine and acupuncture were deepened many folds. Since then, I have attended two more seminars with her and I continue to be inspired by the way Sarah intertwines Tuina, acupuncture, moxibustion, QiGong and other branches of Chinese medicine. She is dynamic, energetic, inspiring, humble and most of all extremely eager to teach and share her knowledge. I look forward to many more classes with her in the future.'
Kylie Rodger, Victoria, BC

'Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend embarking on studies with Sarah Pritchard. Her dynamic, engaging and clear teaching style brings the information to life in a way completely unique way. In two days with Sarah I learnt innumerable concepts and techniques that I had never been introduced to before, and some of the simplest things that I learned completely changed the way I approached treatments. These are techniques that you can implement immediately after the course to start to see their clinical effects. My understanding of foundational concepts of Chinese medicine were broadened and deepened, and Sarah's compelling communication style will keep these lectures alive in my mind for years to come. I appreciated being able to follow along with Sarah while she lead us through various treatment protocols consisting of tui na, gua sha, moxibustion, and acupuncture. I absolutely look forward to attending future workshops with Sarah!'
Armin Madani-Nejad R.Ac, CST, CBT

'I had experience with Tuina once before (introduction) and decided that ‘this was not for me’.

Years ago I had bought your book on Tui-Na, though… on the accompanying DVD I had seen you working; Well-grounded and with such dedication, that I thought, WOW! (I saw the qigong practice in you). So when my old TCM school offered this post-graduate course I think I was the first one to subscribe.

I very much enjoyed the fact that the way you do it, Tui-Na is almost an immersive experience, both for the one that receives it, and the one that gives it. I would surely recommend it to others.

Lots of love.'

'I really did like the workshop very very much. Your approach to the group was a very pleasant and friendly.

You were clear, kind and present, and not heavily serious all the time. You did not make a lot out of nothing, as some teachers can do. You were also not showing off with all kind of knowledge or awesome teachers that taught you. Though it is obvious that you know a lot and are very skilled.

You explained clearly what we were about to do, let us feel it ourselves and let us practice it. By this I could feel the impact of this soft technique. And gain enough faith to do this at home. I liked the Qi kungs and 5 element meditation, it was nice to do and very well explained and you coached us gently through it.

Also the student notes and theory you sent before were clear, and I appreciated it that I could read it before. And after, and then I could see that you indeed did the steps that were on paper, this gave a feeling of grip on this new way of approaching patients.

At the end of both days I felt more energized than coming in in the mornings, this is a rare experience in all the workshops that I have done! Also at the end I of both days I had the feeling I learned really something I can practice immediately.

So yes I really will recommend this workshop to others.

I hope to see you next year again. Thank you very very much for all of this.'

(Utrecht, Holland, October 2019)

The course was very well structured, extremely well taught. Sarah created a safe space which allowed us to connect with the Yin and Yang Wei Mai. Sarah teaches with love. Her deep understanding, caring nature and passion for the subject comes across in every way. Be aware: it can have a very profound effect if you allow yourself to be vulnerable and fully embrace the experience. This is a unique opportunity for self-growth and development which I really recommend.

Sarah has revived my passion for Tui Na and has inspired me to use this technique for the treatment of women going through the menopause. My patients are loving it! Thank you Sarah, you have truly sparkled my Shen and I can’t wait for your next course.'
2019 Student

'Thank you so much for the course on Thursday and Friday, it was a truly inspirational couple of days, I felt a wonderful intimate connection with all the attendees and yourselves. With lots to process over the coming days and weeks, I do feel the confidence to integrate what I’ve learned with you into practice. Even just subtle changes to my language and interactions, I’ve noticed the difference already.'
2019 Student

'Thank you so much for coming to Edmonton this past weekend and bringing your knowledge, compassion and passion to the classroom. I found the course to be so informative and felt a level of ease while learning that was super refreshing and reminded myself to enjoy my acupuncture journey. I also just wanted to let you know that I used the knowledge from this weekend on four of my patients this morning!'
2019 Student

'You ladies were amazing and extremely inspirational! I loved the relaxed atmosphere, the hands-on time, a comprehensive and complete set of notes (leaving more time to watch and absorb). The follow-up information and email was great. I have already signed up for the online versions so that I can keep it fresh and work on it.'
2019 Student

'THANK YOU for the wonderful weekend. I am so happy to be in a circle of healers working with qi and our hands, it seems so clear that this direction and my path are connected and your teaching is wonderful, a natural and enthusiastic teacher, giving clear instruction and positive encouragement.

I return home with renewed energy and full of light, my client this afternoon is coming for energy and massage work so she will get the first blast of my learning this weekend. Yes the challenge is on to do some practice each day.'
2019 Student

’I appreciated your competence and professionalism combined with enthusiasm, passion and love (which is really contagious!) for Tui na and healing. All these "ingredients" have done the workshop one of the best I have ever attended.
2019 Student

’Thank you so much for such an inspiring and wonderful two days. It really has been one if not the best CPD courses I’ve ever been on. I feel like something’s ignited in me.

I’ve been longing to do more hands-on practice so I think this is the catalyst for that. I definitely want to come to Part 2 whenever you decide to run it.’
Rachal Buller, Lic. Ac

’I would like to say a huge thank you for the wonderful workshop. I loved every bit of it and can’t wait to apply the techniques in clinic. I know that many of my patients will benefit from it, and I finally feel that I can do something for patients who are anxious of needles (some of whom I had to refer to other therapists in the past).’
2019 Student