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Slide 'I absolutely loved this course! I found it full of information that I’ve been incorporating into my practice daily and also very inspiring. The teachers were incredible. Very knowledgeable but also incredibly nice and open to any questions.' Slide 'I thoroughly enjoyed your course. I have already incorporated the Tui na over the past 2 days and my clients love it! Your way of teaching works for me. I love the fact that we as students have so much hands on.' Slide 'She was so amazing and it’s one of the best courses I’ve ever taken!! I absolutely loved her and Isabel, they did such an incredible job. I would take more of her courses in a heart beat!!'

Here you'll find a list of the live workshops that I'm currently teaching, with downloadable course descriptions, our biographies and a selection of downloadable photographs.

If there is any information you require that is not included here, please get in touch with Sarah or Isabel.