We offer

Treatments to individuals and small groups using the tools of acupuncture, Tui na, Reiki, and sound healing either independently or blending them for an integrated approach. We offer ourselves in service of the Dao to spark and nourish the flame of innate healing that lies within every human heart. To bring support and nourishment where we can. To enable those who come to create healthy lives, and to become themselves as much as possible with freedom, creativity and joy.

In the language of Daoist philosophy we’re helping to move what is dense, stagnant and congested, enabling what is obstructed to flow again, bringing breath and consciousness to places forgotten and lacking in the flow of Qi (life).

The role of the healer

The role of the healer, therapist or doctor, is shifting and changing. If healing happens from within the person, then it’s not something that is done to someone by someone else. In this case, the role of the healer becomes one of inspirer and channel. The present non–judgemental listener, who creates a resonant space that allows the potential for change, transformation and healing to occur.

What happens when you come for treatment?

We’ll welcome you into the healing space and ask you questions about yourself and your life. Questions about past history, lifestyle, digestion, sleeping patterns and emotional state as well as questions relating to any main complaint. Initially we need to get to know who you are, and what’s creating pain/discomfort in your life. We will look at your tongue, the colour and coating of which give a good guide to health. We also feel the pulses at your wrists for their quality, strength and rhythm. The tongue and pulses give a clear picture of the energetic state of the internal organs and vital substances of the body.

We may also feel points, along channels and the muscles of your body for further information. We will make a diagnosis according to the principles of Oriental Medicine and create a treatment appropriate to your individual needs.

How often will you need treatment?

Every case is different, but generally a course of weekly treatments is common. An initial course of treatments often lasts six weeks, after which we may reassess your case and either prescribe further weekly or fortnightly treatments. As healing takes place, treatments are spaced further apart.

Some conditions require several monthly maintenance treatments after the initial course is complete. In acute cases, you may be asked to come for treatment twice a week initially, and the course of treatment is therefore shorter. For chronic conditions, the course of treatment is naturally longer.

Sometimes we will see people once or twice, maybe seasonally, or whenever their intuition guides them. Perhaps they are feeling depleted, under the weather, or ‘out of sorts’, or they are at a major cross-road in life.

Something from Sarah

'I’ve been working in the healing arts since 1994. I’ve always attempted to embody what I’ve learnt. Maybe it’s because of my original training as an actor, maybe because my initial Chinese Medicine training was a little unorthodox, maybe it’s just in my nature?

I’ve always been curious, I’ve experimented, tried things out, found a flow that has worked for me and I assume for those who have come to me for help, healing, support and encouragement on their journey. I’ve always worked with my hands in both a physical and subtle way, on the body, off the body and over acupuncture needles, with Reiki, Tui na, An mo and increasingly with sound, tuning forks and my favourite the gong and my voice.

I’ve always sung, for 20 years I sang in bands using my voice to entertain. I learnt how to project my energy and emotion through my voice, to reach and connect with a group of people, to embody a song and evoke its feeling tones. Now I use my voice as a therapeutic tool in the healing space. I sing with the Gong, and offer the energetic support of my voice as a resonant tool.

The human voice is the original therapeutic sound instrument; it is pure and powerful. Ancient mystics and tribes all over the world have used song and chanting to heal the physical body and to connect with the nature of plants and animals for knowledge of their medicine. Hildegard of Bingen (the 17th century mystic) said “as we sing words, their true meaning is revealed directly to the soul through body vibration”.'

Something from Isabel

'I am at the beginning of my Chinese Medicine journey, completing Tui na in 2014 and acupuncture in 2016. I started practising Tui na immediately, working with patients for 2 years before the needles came too, which was invaluable learning for me in so many ways. Now I incorporate acupuncture, Reiki (2015) and sound healing (2017) too. All very useful tools and ways in to the energetic matrix, and they’re fun to flow together.

But Tui na is always my favourite place. I love the flow, the creativity, the engagement with a person’s Qi and how you can feel things changing in the space in the moment. I love that I always have my Tui na tools (my hands and senses) with me.

In working with certain individuals (and with silence) I’ve found that sometimes I’m able to feel into other realms/times or have clair-sentient or clair-audient experiences, which help inform what may need to be brought to consciousness.

I love Chinese Medicine and the Daoist philosophy that underpins it. How there’s always more to learn and embody, how everyone that comes in is a mirror and how beautiful, challenging and layered the journey is.'

From us both

We’ve developed a flowing way of working together that integrates our skills and complementary natures (Fire and Water!). We relish the opportunity to work together in the treatment space (as a pair) when we can. This is nothing new of course, it was always the traditional way, both in Tui na, Reiki and the original sound temples.

Treatment - Practice details & Fees

We work from

Blackheath Complementary Health Centre (www.healingpath.co.uk) - Monday & Tuesday

Initial appointment : £95
Acupuncture/Tuning Forks follow ups : £85
Tui na follow ups : £95

Initial appointment : £80
Acupuncture/Tuning Forks follow ups : £70
Tui na follow ups : £75

Sarah & Isabel
Initial appointment : £175
Acupuncture/Tuning Forks Follow ups : £155
Tui na follow ups : £170

Please contact either Sarah or Isabel for further details.