Online Tutorials & Mentoring

I am happy to share my 29 years of both teaching and treating experience on whatever you’d like to talk through - either a one-off session or for ongoing support. Past students / colleagues have been keen to obtain guidance on ...

Tui na – skill deepening, development & integration:

Specific patient cases e.g.

  • How I might approach the case
  • Assistance with integrating Tui na with acupuncture
  • Modalities I might incorporate
  • Other methods I might suggest both for practitioner and patient

Working remotely / online e.g. advice on prescribing the following to clients:

  • Tui na self-massage
  • Qi Gong / Meditation
  • Voice work

Role of the Healer / Practitioner

I am happy to connect via online platforms such as Jitsi, Zoom or by phone.

Sessions are 1 hour and cost £80 GBP

Please GET IN TOUCH to make an appointment.

'As always Sarah, thank you so much for your knowledge and the excellent course.'