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We are honoured and grateful to be able to provide a safe space for ceremonial gatherings for women. In these shifting times, there’s a real need to connect, share, listen deeply to one another, to be heard, and to feel the collective support of the group.

In these small group sound ceremonies we come together as women to raise our vibrations. Through our collective heart and voice we empower the growing light of consciousness.

During the ceremonies we go on journeys through writing, speaking, listening, and chanting. The power of chanting together as a group is not to be underestimated. We can literally chant and sing our shadows into transformation and our creative intentions into being. We can glimpse further the divinity within us and forgive ourselves and all of humanity a little more. Together we continue the journey of Self-realisation. 

Finally the group can surrender to the sound and vibrational medicine of the gongs and other sound healing instruments, and go on her own inner vision quest.

We gather again after the sound to close the circle, release intentions into the fire, and to share grounding teas and snacks in preparation for returning to the ‘outside world’.

We’ve found these to be a very beautiful, powerful and healing space for all.

If you would like to book a place on one of our Sound Ceremonies, please let us know as soon as possible as we are limited to a maximum of 15 in each group and the work is becoming very popular!

Slide 'Thank you Sarah and Isabel and everyone for taking the time and kindness to create such a lovely evening. And thank you for a gorgeous, calm and supportive space to share our thoughts, secrets and insights. Great combination of sounds, Runes, light and love.' Slide 'Dear beamers!! Somewhat belated big kisses for holding such a warm and safe space for us all last Saturday... it certainly was just what I needed!!! Just the ‘ talking out ‘ is a hugely transformative experience... so the sharing is definitely important.... and it was so tenderly received by all... so it was a lovely group... Love what you are doing together oh resonant healers.' Slide 'Thank you both for sharing your creativity, awareness and warm home. I loved all of the honesty, feeling and humour! The surrendering and opening to the light is still humming in me. Will take it with me and continue to learn and grow. In peace and alignment...'