Self-healing Tech Neck Course

The Self-healing Tech Neck Course comprises the following units:

  • Unit 1 - Chinese Medicine theory
  • Unit 2 - Ideas for self-management
  • Unit 3 - Ground. Centre. Protect.
  • Unit 4 - Qi Gong
  • Unit 5 - Tui na self-massage

For anyone. Course duration: 2 hours 15 mins

A self-help course for anyone spending significant daily time on their phone and / or computer.

Learn tools to help you manage the symptoms you might be experiencing from neck pain, eye strain to anxiety, insomnia and digestive issues.

In this course you will learn:

  • Some ideas from Chinese Medicine theory, channels and points
  • The symptoms you might be experiencing
  • A few practical ideas to manage these effects and ease the symptoms
  • Guided meditation to ground, centre and protect your Qi and energy field
  • Qi gong ‘working with energy’ exercises
  • Tui na self-massage – simple and highly effective Tui na routine. Do this in real time with me, or pick out the sections you find the most helpful

Self-healing Tech Neck Course

£25.00 GBP

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'Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend embarking on studies with Sarah Pritchard. Her dynamic, engaging and clear teaching style brings the information to life in a way completely unique way.'

'She (Sarah) is dynamic, energetic, inspiring, humble and most of all extremely eager to teach and share her knowledge. I look forward to many more classes with her in the future.'

‘Just done your tech neck course... loved Tui na massage... Blood stimulation max and floating... no pain in neck/shoulders and arms... Very good! Will do with the boys this weekend!!!’

‘Sent your tech neck course details to lots of friends because I felt so great afterwards all melted and no pain in my leg either (that I’d had after doing sport despite stretching the pain had been there….) amazing!!’