Canada Teaching Tour 2019

The Brits are back! (Escaping after Brexit!)

We’ve just launched Sarah’s Canada Teaching tour for 2019.

Calgary will be a new place for us to visit in 2019 (thanks to Gillian Marsollier my Fire Dragon Canadian friend) who’s introduced us to Andrea Hejtmanek who’s helping us to organise things at CCTCMA on 27th – 28th April. We look forward to meeting the Calgary students interested in “Tui na and Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems & Fertility Issues”. We’ve heard great things about Calgary so we’re excited to explore.

We’ll then be returning to MacEwan University in Edmonton on 4th-5th May 2019, (Thanks to Darren Tellier for having us back). We’ll following up on last year’s “Tui na and Moxibustion for Menstrual Problems & Fertility Issues” with “Supporting Women through the Menopause as a Fundamental Doorway of Life” (using Tui na, moxa and acupuncture).

This is the wonderful college that has it’s own moxa rooms (plural), with proper extractors and everything (something we can only dream of in the UK!). We’ll have to bring our entire wardrobe just in case, as the weather is so extreme in Edmonton! And dry… so dry for us Brits who are used to damper climates!

And then our beloved Victoria (So British, home away from home! But deeply chilled!) we look forward to working with the students at the beautiful Pacific Rim College for the third year in a row. Thanks to Rory Knapp-Fisher and Todd Howard for having us back! Sarah will teach a “Flow of the Hand and the Needle – Qi Dynamics and Deepening Skills course” on 18th-19th May this year.

We’re potentially planning another workshop too in Victoria/Vancouver (amazing boat ride there!), just working out the details and will post again once this is finalised.

Look forward to meeting all new students and to seeing everyone we’ve worked with before!