2022!!! The Yang Water Tiger is upon us!

Human seeks freedom

Become the torch and witness

Hold steady your Earth


2022!!! The Yang Water Tiger is upon us!

All of us working the role of the healer in this life, are called to hold the light of the Dao in our Hearts. To become present as often as we can. To be the witness and to hold a place of grounded stability for all those we encounter, whether in the sacred space of the treatment room, or out and about in the world.

As the year progresses, I sense we will need very strong roots and a stable Earth element.

I have personally made the decision to give myself a little more space and time around treatments, to take regular breaks and, if I’m feeling less than optimal then staying at home to recover my Qi. The Yang Water Tiger could push to the surface anything that’s has been lying dormant, repressed, unseen. Anything that has been pushed into the closet, (or in CM terms into a secondary Luo vessel), will roar to be seen, heard, expressed, released.

With so much collective fear and trauma, the need for human connection and touch couldn’t be greater. This is a year when your hands on Tui na skills will come into their own in a powerfully tangible way.  Guiding and smoothing Qi through channels with Tui fa (the underestimated technique). Nourishing, soothing, calming with Mo fa (polishing something precious, aka ‘the golden egg’). Relaxing the nervous system, returning the natural rhythm and movement of Qi with Gun fa. Bringing centred, grounded Presence with Yin style holding. Gathering Qi and moving into the subtle depths with deep Qi Zhen fa. There are so many possibilities. The question is, can we allow ourselves to listen to the Great Dao both in the space and around the person with us in the space? Are we brave enough to listen with our entire being and to follow what arises with full commitment?