Reflections on the weekend’s Events

We’ve had a powerful and empowering weekend in the company of some incredible women. Again, I’ve been reminded of the need for creating and growing groups where we provide spiritual support for one another. Safe spaces for speaking our truth, for allowing ourselves to be open and vulnerable, to be brave, to be heard. A place for us to literally raise our vibrations through the use of the groups collective voice through chanting together as we did in the ceremony today.

We’re thrilled that our Gong & Sound Baths this weekend have raised £483.65 for MumsAid! I know this will be of help to Miriam and all on board with the much-needed work that they do. We hope to make this a yearly March event from now on. This was such an uplifting example of many individuals coming together with their various resources to help and support. Thank you all.

Please visit MumsAid if you would like to learn more about the work they do. Also, if you’d like to make a one-off payment or monthly donations (from as little as £2 / month), see here:

The Reiki 1 workshop on Saturday was an honour to hold. How different the attunement process is now than it was in the mid-nineties! It was the first time I had so many experienced healers in the group, four of whom were acupuncturists. As one said, there is such beauty in stripping things right back again and remembering how to step out of our own way. Reiki is such a wonderful doorway for this. It takes us as healers away from the ‘I am doing something to you’ (the patient/client). It asks us to be fully present and relaxed, to act as a channel, to let go and to feel, to follow intuition.

Sometimes we can become overly attachment to our ‘systems’. Or we’re looking for the ‘right’, or the ‘best’ system or method. This can lead us into the age-old trap of ‘my system/approach is better than yours’. Maybe they are all the ‘best’? It seems they can all work. So, what happens when we take it right back to simple, present connection in the now, with clear and open intention (prayer) and a 100% commitment to following what we receive in the form of feeling and insight? Lynne McTaggart has written extensively about the power of group intention and prayer as have many others.

Another important theme has been something like ‘coming out of the closet’. How many of us may say to ourselves ’who am I to think I can just follow my intuition and feeling, ‘who am I to think I can help anyone or teach anyone’. So many women feel this!!! And then the question comes up ‘and who are we not to’? We are as humanity in such great need of returning to feeling, to intuition and to connection both to one another and to the Great Spirit, the All that is, the divine, the morphic field, the Shm, to God. Whatever and however we want to label it, it’s time to reconnect.

Thank you very much everyone who took part in the events of this weekend and for all the generous MumsAid donations.