Filming my Online Tui na Course a.k.a. ‘The Beast’!

"Filming on the farm

The Beast tamed I still survive

Chickens rule the roost"

Haiku post filming

I’ve realised I seem to do a big Tui na project once every 10 years… The second book was published in 2010! The new online Tui na course which is based on the book is finally filmed in collaboration with Pacific Rim College Online, and includes the often-requested area foundation routines. My approach has evolved over time (and perhaps with age!) I’ve added a couple of new routines and some adaptations particularly to the Upper Limb and Neck & Nape (which I started to regret as we filmed the third version of each and the entire crew was in desperate need of refreshment!) I persisted because not everyone likes working in the seated position, so there are both prone and supine versions now.

The planning of the new online Tui na course has taken up a good portion of this Earth Pig year. Isabel and I had to estimate how long it would take to film as the videographer and space had to be booked in advance.  This was rather tricky but as if by magic our 4 day estimate was exactly right. However, everything had to be done in one take (or we’d still be there now, weeks later!) So on filming days from my point of view it was a matter of intense focus from 8.30am, (not necessarily my best time) until gone 6pm in the evening.

Filming took place at the beautiful Ravenhill Farm on the Saanich Peninsula, just outside Victoria on Vancouver Island.  We filmed in a Cobb house, right next door to the goats, chickens and dogs so there were quite a few interruptions mainly from the talkative chickens and occasionally the mountain dogs who howled if they heard a distant siren.

As I’m old school, PowerPoint wasn’t an option so we had to prepare many flipcharts/paper easels in advance! It took perhaps as long to write them out as it did to film.

I ran out of words after the 4 intense days of filming but was kept going by Andrea’s (from CCTCMA) bullet coffee, blue lemonade and treats from the Bliss Café.

The plan is to go live early next year (2020), sign up to our mailing list for more news as it happens!