Focusing on the Light Side of the Stick

Reflections on the Summer Solstice Sound Ceremony

Our North American teaching journey and deep dive into the world of sound and consciousness has us reflecting on what it means to create a new matrix. This is supported by our new friend the Nibiru frequency which we acquired in the form of three tuning forks during our Acutonics Level IV training in Seattle.

At the end of our first week back in London it was wonderful to gather together again for a Sound Ceremony at such a powerful time of the year.

The summer solstice is the height of the Fire element and the peak of light. So our focus for the ceremony was

  • What is our vision for ourselves, for humanity, our beautiful planet?
  • What are we illuminating with the power of our thought and feeling?
  • How do we want to feel? Thought is not enough, we need e-motion, energy in motion to magnetise what we wish to create. As we were reminded by one of our teachers in Seattle, “thoughts are electric but feelings our magnetic”.
  • Can we conjure our passion, our joy, our divine spark and direct it to our personal and collective visions?

It was fascinating to recognise that for most of us it’s easier to focus our energy, thoughts and feelings on what is difficult, dark, broken and painful, rather than on what is light, bright, joyful and gorgeous.  No surprise really as this is what has been fed to us all through the old matrix.

As a group we focused on images and memories that create a feeling state of happiness, light and love, on what is already satisfying, beautiful and joyful. For all of us these remembered experiences were simple and they involved nature. Birds singing, the smell of roses and lavender, the feeling of feet scrunching warm sand or cooling in a stream on a hot day. The companionship of friends, music, colour. Memories of the playful creative child within each of us. The vibration in the space lifted tangibly as these joyous experiences were expressed.

When Isabel and I were in Portland, we had the pleasure of seeing Esther Hicks channelling Abraham. Their stick analogy stayed with us.  Abraham says we have many sticks in life each representing events, people, and major areas of focus such as work and family.  Each stick has the shadow on the one side and the light on the other. It was wonderful to watch Esther enable a young woman to lever her emotions around her relationship with her mother from a place of great difficulty to one of ease by helping her to find ‘a stick’ from her life where she felt joy. For her it was her garden and planting flowers.

What matters is that we conjure the light and joyful feelings and lever them in our lives as often as we can, therefore creating more of the same. This ability to lever our emotions is a key element in creating our reality and the new matrix.   We’re doing this all the time anyway but mostly it’s unconscious, and tending towards fear and lack rather than the love and abundance we would prefer to create. It feels like a spiritual muscle we all have but haven’t been taught how to use.

Within the group it came up that it was also important to recognise and embrace the shadow. We are in a world of shadow and light but without the light there is no shadow, only darkness.

This led us to Anita Moorjani and her wonderful metaphor about how we focus our consciousness – she gives the example of a huge warehouse, completely dark so nothing can be seen. In our hands we hold a tiny torch, which can only pick out little bits of detail, depending on where we point our torch. We have no overall picture of the space we occupy. Then suddenly, the floodlights are turned on, and the entire warehouse is lit up.  It’s bigger than we ever imagined and contains forms, colours, life that we never dreamed possible. Anita Moorjani had the most extraordinary NDE (near death experience), what a warm humble and beautiful soul with a powerful message about the nature of reality.

Several messages came from our travels this spring to remind us that thought has the potential, the electricity, but it’s the emotion that provides the movement and magnetism towards what we create. And of course sound is our amplifier!

The sound ceremony groups are evolving, we may well return to the shadow when the darker nights draw in. But for now the focus is to move towards the light and raise our vibration though sound and particularly the human voice.

Anita Moorjani – TEDx talk