Fundamental Doorways of Life – a Deep Dive into the Wei Mai, London

Through the inner gate of the Heart
We’re reminded that we’re guests in earth form.
Our nature’s true essence,
Influenced by the knotting of given beliefs and thought forms.
Dare we close the cycle and begin a new chapter?
Dare we speak what has not been spoken?
The voices and presence of ancestors are within and without.

We move bravely through the outer gate,
We step forward to experience life!
We meet one another, we connect,
We make mistakes,
We feel.
Sometimes we feel pain,
Sometimes this pain becomes suffering.
But can we let go of our suffering?

We’ve taken life on, we’ve created.
Our creations have become responsibilities.
What are we holding so tightly in our arms?
What are we carrying on our shoulders like the yoke of an Ox?
Dare we lay the burden down, even for a one now moment?
Shall we continue to repeat the same stories,
Bringing them back to the Sea of movement and memory?

Or do we return through reflection to the root of the spirit?
Do we take the chance to make different choices?
We are at least in control of our choices, if not of anything else.
Perhaps it’s ok to surrender the stories now,
To let go a little more of the baggage we couldn’t help but hold latent.
Perhaps through this significant chapter in the fabric of time and space
We can now become more of who we are,
Back to our essence and nature.

I’m very grateful to all who came to last week’s course - “Supporting Women through the Menopause as a Fundamental Doorway of Life”. Thank you for your openness, bravery and willingness to be participate, to feel and be vulnerable.  Thank you for trusting me to hold the space and guide the journey. I know for several of the group, the work given and received was quite profound and will take some time to process and to reflect upon.

This is the third time we’ve run this course on the vessels of time and space, and Isabel and I have both noticed the work is tangibly affected by the moon, the season, the country, and even whether we’re working before/after lunch!  This time we were working two days before the full moon in Pisces which gave the opportunity for a rising and fullness of feeling.

The experience of working with the Yin Wei Mai was for the most part nourishing, peaceful, and still, both for giver and receiver. This work certainly has great potential to bring us into a Yin state so important to city dwellers.

The Yang Wei Mai on day 2 was generally a very different experience – as we have noticed with previous groups.  For some it felt very relieving and clearing. For many it moved emotion, triggered memories and allowed altered states of consciousness.

It was worth noting the differences in the journey of the experience on the couch, at the time of treatment, just after treatment, and then in the hours and days that follow. For example some who found receiving at the time very comfortable, blissful even, had difficult nights with poor sleep and challenging emotions arose to be felt and expressed.  While others who had challenging experiences during the treatment felt relaxed/invigorated/energised within the following hour.  This work can be challenging and unsettling, emotionally, energetically and even physically albeit generally Yin in style and approach.

When we experience the vessels as a personal journey, we embody them, so that when we touch them in another, the vessels are alive within us.

There is much potential in this work for spiritual growth both for ourselves as practitioners and for those who come to us for help and support at transformative times in our lives. The experience may not always be enjoyable or pleasant, but we continue to put our judgements to one side.

What are we ready to let go of? What choices might we make for ourselves in the now? At some point ‘the Soul’s curriculum’ will be completed, maybe now is the time. 🙂