Nourishing the Digestion in Utrecht

It was an honour and a joy to work with all the students at my Nourishing Earth & Supporting Digestion workshop in Utrecht, Holland for TCMA on 11th and 12th October 2019.

Thank you to everyone for coming and for your willingness to engage openly with the work. I’m aware that this approach while very natural to some, is also challenging for many and requires patience, presence and a willingness to look at ourselves as practitioners working the Healer archetype.

It’s such a shame that Katinka, from TCMA who kindly hosted us was struck down with a horrible cold and couldn’t participate fully.

There was a lot to process and assimilate from our two-day journey together including the Earth sound, some Chong Mai trajectory work and Yin-style Tui na.

Reflections & reminders
  • How present can we be?
  • Do each technique for long enough to allow its therapeutic qualities to emerge
  • Work with ‘the underestimated technique’ (Tui fa, pushing), and ‘polish the golden egg (Mo fa – round rubbing)
  • An fa is the root technique, become like water, soften in. Play with the ‘sword from the stone’ and the ‘sticky place’
  • Keep it simple!

Lastly, are we generating the thoughts, feelings and life style that will support us on our journey to discover who we are by nature and express that fully in the world? Or are we generating circular loops of thought, choices & behaviour that block us, creating density and accumulation? What we cannot transform and transport we will hold and store, most commonly in our intestines and in the Dai Mai,the vessel of latency.