Just for Today – Reiki 1 on board the Mothership in Blackheath, February 2020

Saturday 15th February was an extraordinary, powerful and beautiful day for the Reiki 1 workshop on board the Mothership in Blackheath! We had the presence of the Chiron and Venus gongs to amplify the attunement and our work together. Interestingly, Chiron (the Wounded Healer) and Venus were conjunct in the Cosmos at the time. I knew before we began that it was going to be a potent day, and it was certainly that!

There is now a strong resurgence of interest in the Reiki path, a level of openness quite different now than when I first started teaching in the mid-nineties. Reiki is medicine for the people. It requires a willingness to open the heart, to relax the intellect/ego and to connect to feeling. We’re living in times when the message or gift that is Reiki is resonating with increasing numbers people in times of need.

The Reiki ideals say it all – encapsulated in those simple 5 lines are the principles of Mindfulness, the practice of Presence, kindness and the devotion to the inner world and our connection to the Dao/all that is.

A reminder of the prayer/intention that was strongly present on Saturday 15th February 2020:

“Heavenly Source,

You, who are everywhere,

Open my heart and fill it with your light”.

Thank you to all for surrendering to the initiation, to the group, and most importantly to Divine Light.  As I said at the end of the day, it feels very significant that as many of us as possible hold the light, amplify the light and work with the light – however and wherever we can in the shifting and changing times to come.