March 2020 Fundraiser for MumsAid

We’re thrilled that our Gong & Sound Bath Meditations this weekend (March 2020) and cake sales (thank you to Karen on the desk for her delicious cakes) have raised £388.20 for local charity MumsAid!

Miriam Donaghy, Chief Executive and Founder of MumsAid sends her deepest gratitude and appreciation, for all your generous donations, and your support this weekend.

This was such an uplifting example of many individuals coming together with their various resources to help and support.


If you would like to learn more about the work MumsAid do, see here. And if you’d like to make a one-off payment or monthly donations (from as little as £2/month), see here.


A couple of testimonials from MumsAid clients:

 “I was aware that I needed help but was left hanging in the system. Fortunately, I found MumsAid in a last-ditch Google search and they made asking for help easy when I really needed easy. There were no hoops to jump through, long waiting lists or judgment. They gave me the help that I needed when I needed it. Working with a wonderful therapist on a weekly basis, I was able to process and start to manage my feelings.

“I now absolutely love being a mother and have a wonderful bond with my son. I strongly believe that the opportunity that I had with MumsAid made all the difference in getting to where I am now; a happy, outgoing, thriving Mum. I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to my therapist and the MumsAid team. They are truly special people providing a hugely valuable service to the community.”


MumsAid does a fantastic and outstanding job supporting mums and mums-to-be by offering a range of services and amazing professional help. This organisation goes an extra mile to ensure those in need are reached. 

“I received help from MumsAid in a moment of mental health crisis. I easily could have been rejected as my post code was outside their catchment area but they reached out to me and helped me on all possible levels. The therapy followed by art sessions, was life-saving (this is not an exaggeration). I will forever be grateful to the people I met on my journey through their services. I found the way back to life thanks to MumsAid and I have rediscovered myself. MumsAid provided me with the encouragement and nurturing, that I needed to turn my life around to ensure I can love it and myself again.  MumsAid provides the environment where caterpillars transform into butterflies.’