Podcast with Todd Howard at Pacific Rim College Radio

It was my pleasure to talk to Todd N. Howard, (President of Pacific Rim College in British Columbia) recently about all things Chinese Medicine. This was Todd's flattering write up!

“Sarah Pritchard is one of the most well known and respected teachers of Tui Na in the West. She has written two books on the subject, created multiple collegiate Tui Na programs, and is the creator and principle teacher of arguably the world’s foremost online Tui Na course for practitioners known as “Advanced Tui Na” offered exclusively through Pacific Rim College Online.

Yet Sarah is so much more than what these accolades might suggest and fortunately makes rich, enjoyable conversation. We cover many topics here including the impact that acting has had on her career, life-guiding philosophies of Taoism, the art of Qi Gong, and the complementary health centre that she founded two decades ago. We also have a fascinating discussion on how Sarah uses voice and energy vibration to help clients heal.

After years of giving back through helping others in her clinic and through her teaching, Sarah is now most excited, through her online courses, to empower others to use Tui Na to activate their own inner healers and to help children. She is currently planning self-help programs and courses to be released through PRCOnline. Stay tuned to the end of this podcast for a special promo code to watch for free her Qi Gong course on time-tested techniques to fortify and calm the body, very practical teaching for the world at this time.

Sarah has been a lecturer at Pacific Rim College for many years and is the senior lecturer and Tui Na course coordinator at the City College of Acupuncture in London. She is a gifted practitioner and teacher and hopefully in this episode pushes on many points of inspiration for you. Please enjoy this very stimulating conversation with Sarah Pritchard.”

Podcast Link - #21 Sarah Pritchard on Tui Na, Taoism, and the Healing Power of Sound

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