‘Tech Neck’ Webinar

Webinar for Students of the 'Advanced Tui na Program'

Hello to all my students on the Advanced Tui na Programme! I hope you’ve been enjoying the course. We held a 1 hour live webinar exclusively for you on Tuesday 10th November at 11am PDT, 7pm GMT, 8pm Europe. This was recorded and is available for any of my Advanced Tui na Programme students on your PRCO Dashboard.

It seems that we have a new syndrome folks - Tech Neck! Or even worse - I have heard the expression 'Vulture Neck!' People are spending unhealthy periods of time on their devices these days. The issues arising for us humans from all this technology interaction are only just beginning to reveal themselves.

Staring at our screens, what happens to our eyes? What happens to the Tai Yang and Yang Ming channel sinews, the Du and Ren Mai? What happens to our Heart Qi and the Blood mansion as we are exposed to almost continual electromagnetic frequencies? Frozen postures, collapsed chests, poor breathing, jaw clenching. I see an increase in neck shoulder and spine problems, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, breathing difficulties and emotional stress. How as practitioners can we help those who come to us and how can we help ourselves? This will be the focus for our discussion in this class.

I also took you through a meditation to open the Blood Mansion from within.

Thank you for joining me!