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The Gong & Sound Bath Meditation induces a state of deep relaxation where transformation and healing can take place and intentions can be planted and take root. In contrast to our day to day hyper-stimulated reality, we enter the timeless zone, bathed in sound, transported to another world. A space of extraordinary and yet familiar ease.

During the Gong & Sound Bath Meditation you are invited to lie down comfortably on yoga mats, with pillows, cushions and blankets. There will be a space to consider any intentions that you may be working with. The gongs will amplify these intentions. We will use gongs, singing bowls, rattles, chimes, voice and other instruments known for their healing and re-harmonising frequencies.

The result is a sound journey that allows a re-tuning, a return to harmony and deep relaxation. There will be a 5 minute period of silence at the end of the sound meditation.

If you would like to book a place on one of our Gong & Sound Bath Meditations, please let us know as soon as possible as we are limited to a maximum of 15 in each group and the work is becoming very popular!

Due to limited spaces, please note that we are unable to provide a refund.

Gong & Sound Bath Meditation

£16 GBP
(A maximum of 10 spaces are available)

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September 2021

Sunday 5th
7.00 - 8.00pm

Blackheath Complementary Health Centre
184-186 Westcombe Hill
London SE3 7DH

Slide 'Really lovely. Took me to different realms e.g. Native American stuff up a mountain etc! Really sweet touch with the essential oils and incense.' Slide 'Thank you again for a lovely evening yesterday. The Gong and Sound Bath is always such a special experience.' Slide 'Thank you so much for the beautiful sound bath this past weekend. Such a lovely space you two created. I had a very restful sleep indeed.'